Unknown - September 23, 2009


Flip Chip Tug-O-War"You Pull, I'm Tired"
"Daddy! ... YOU Throw it!"Pepper (L) teaches about the Easy Life.
Taking a break from the rigors of playing.
"Why are you down there?"Supervising the exploration of the Mohawk.
  Anniversary Mine  
"Mine ... ALL mine ... But boraxing {yawn} !"
"I think the Geo-Cache is here."Posing somewhere in Silver Peak, NV
"I'm bored ... can we go?"

Heritage shows ...

Shadow & his new Nahcotta friend.

Poking in the Willapa tidepools.Rewarded !!!
"Something's here, too!"Another new 'critter' in Washington.
  Two at sunsets  
A pause in the evening's walk.
It's a HARD life !They're growing them bigger this year!.
We forgot our list ...This white stuff - s'NO fun !
Three For All !!!The Old Man's Privileges