Ludlow & Southern

Rochester to the Pass
Roadbed Tour

May 11, 2003


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Further down the wash, the roadbed is badly eroded, crossed by several washes and our path lies just to the right. At the lowest point of the Ludlow & Southern (on this side of the main pass) the right of way bends sharply left and begins to regain the lost altitude. Now we enter 4x4 territory!
Just as the curve begins to straighten out, about 100' of the roadbed has been washed away by this jumbled mess. An easterly detour brings us back into contact at the shallow scrape just visible in the distance. Relief is short lived as more washes cross the berm and then a real gully (right) appears.
Finally regained, the roadbed hasn't been much disturbed (except by Mother Nature) since the removal of the line. The long left bend (below) is within 25' of the truck road to Rochester (off to the right). It then slides into a scrape in a wash before bending back right across a very rocky area.
Climbing rapidly now, the Ludlow & Southern strains to reach the pass just ahead. After passing through a long cut, it again raises onto a berm just about the fence line. as there's a cattle guard in the truck road, this must be for restraining animals from crossing over the pass proper. Alternating between berm and scrape, the climb is made.
Finally near the top, and now above the truck road, the berm swings left only to have the truck road rise up to obliterate it and usurp its path down towards Ludlow. Once past the pipeline, the berm diverges back into the wash, but there's so little evidence of its passing that photographs would show little.
Travel time (with photographs) is about 1.5 hours, but without allowing any time for Mine stops or visiting Ragtown (some remains). The 'easy' section of Rochester to Red Dog is about 40 minutes.


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