Ludlow & Southern

Rochester to the Pass
Roadbed Tour

May 11, 2003


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On the uphill side of the scrape, a drainage ditch was cut as well as for the roadbed (left). At the north end of this scrape we encounter the first trestle. Up to this point, there's been little sign of water preparation regarding the berm. However, this would appear to be a three span trestle with some filling of each of the two end sections.
Quickly regaining the berm, we continue running downhill. This would have been quite a long straight section of the Ludlow & Southern as it heads generally towards the Ragtown mining area. Several points along the roadbed (right) have been cut through and small deviations are necessary.
We continue heading towards the twin hills just south of Ragtown, one of which has the "Old Pete" mine. Both hills have been worked and are easily accessed from the truck road into Rochester. To maintain grade, the line now begins adjusting its course from northeast back towards the north. It's not really a curve, but a drift in alignment.
At this point we begin to leave and bypass the berm - returning for short bits and then dropping off again. In a few places the erosion from the general slope to the west have so narrowed the berm that it's even hard walking on it. This section also has a small square 'tie' culvert.
After that slightly rough section the berm is rejoined in time to find the long left hand curve turning the Ludlow & Southern directly towards the "Red Dog" mine. This is the only major structure still left in the area (right). From the curve towards the mine is a very nice stretch of straight berm - our last!.
Almost thinking we're going right up to the Red Dog, the roadbed quickly turns and dives down into a wash. We're headed due East again! Soon the wash on the southern side of the Red Dog will join in, entering on the left (and a way to get to the mine), but the Ludlow & Southern continues on down.


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