Ludlow & Southern

January, 2003


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Another plant located about a mile from the center of Rochester on a spur from the L&S.
A pile of talc (?) remains on the central level, with this view being taken from the upper (spur) track.
(above) ... The view of these workings from an open area which shows many signs of worker's homes ... including two (or more) stoves.
Finally ... on the road again. This time heading out via the L&S berm which, in most places, had been regraded for use as a truck road.
One of the many washes, both large and small, that had to be crossed by the Ludlow & Southern on its way up to the pass from Rochester.
Where trestles weren't necessary, large culverts were used to allow drainage under the roadbed.
West of Ragtown and just before the climb up to the pass the L&S passes by another mine.
This headframe has proved more durable to the vagaries of time, weather and man.
Just short of the pass, the L&S roadbed joins the modern graded road. On the other side, it followed the wash, while the road runs beside, along the eastern slope.
(below) ... After the long run down the wide wash, mostly along the western side, a sweeping curve swung the tracks to run parallel to the AT&SF's main line.
Between the L&S berm and the current day BNSF lies this ruin.
It's not shown in the period photographs or tax plat, but may be the tanks shown in the 1963 image in Myrick.


Roamin' the Roads

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